Johna Boynton

Western Slope Colorado
Represented by: Johna Boynton

I’m a product specialist. 
My goal is to be viewed as the “Go To” resource for my customers. My job as your rep is to inform you what is great about the lines I rep, what retails well and what items I can see working in your store. I see myself as your partner, helping you build your business and customer base, while creating a positive and fun relationship with each of you! By creating relationships with my customers I am no longer on the road working, I am just visiting friends. I love my job and I love being a part of the TMA family! 

This is a hard business and being a road rep has many challenges, however my relationships with my customers transforms this into my dream job!

I have a wonderful family and have been married for 20 years to my husband Mike. We have three great kids, Chris - 29, Mikayla - 18 and Bryse - 14. The hardest part of what I do is being on the road and away from my family, but we have found a good balance and they are all very supportive of my career choice. My kids are my life and I feel that the best part of me is them!

My husband and I do a lot of house renovations in our spare time. I am always re-decorating, organizing or renovating my house. I have many hobbies and tend to be a rather crafty person. I love being creative!

I am excited about being a part of the TMA family in 2015 and I look forward to getting to know each and every one of my customers over the next year!

Contact Johna Boynton:
800-568-9149 (fax)

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